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Lot 40: Modern light wood kitchen table
Modern light wood kitchen table on turned legs
Estimate: 10-20
Lot 40A: Coffee table.
Coffee table.
Estimate: 20-30
Lot 40B: Corner unit
Corner unit
Estimate: 30-50
Lot 44: bed
Modern pine bed, chest of drawers, tv cabinet etc.
Estimate: 20-30
Lot 45: Modern 2 door wardrobe
Modern 2 door wardrobe
Estimate: 70-100
Lot 46: mirror
Modern cheval dressing mirror.
Estimate: 30-40
Lot 92A: office chair
Vintage Industrial Office swivel chair .
Estimate: 20-30
Lot 93: Collectors cabinet
Glass top vitrine / collectors cabinet with carved and painted decoration
Estimate: 300-400
Lot 107: Desk.
Reproduction partners desk.
Estimate: 100-150
Lot 123: cabinet
Modern pine side cabinet
Estimate: 80-100
Lot 127: Painted dresser
Painted dresser
Estimate: 100-150
Lot 133: cabinet
Corner cabinet
Estimate: 80-100
Lot 137: Cabinet
Corner cabinet
Estimate: 80-100
Lot 144: Mahogany double bed
Inlaid Mahogany double bed
Estimate: 80-120
Lot 145: 2 single beds
2 inlaid mahogany single beds
Estimate: 80-120
Lot 151: Double bed frame
Modern double bed frame to include metal bed head and foot
Estimate: 20-30
Lot 152: cabinet
lead glazed corner cabinet
Estimate: 90-120
Image not Available Lot 153: Coffee table
Copffee table
Estimate: 30-40
Lot 154: table
Pine farmhouse table with single drawer and 4 chairs.
Estimate: 120-150
Lot 155: table
Mopdern wrought iron hall table with glass top.
Estimate: 20-30
Lot 159: table
Regency style dining table with extra leaf.
Estimate: 40-60
Lot 162: Eircol drop end couch
Eircol drop end couch
Estimate: 80-120
Lot 169: couch.
Leather couch.
Estimate: 50-60
Lot 170: Pair of bedside lamps etc.
Pair of tall bedside lamps, pair of modern chairs and 2 prints
Estimate: 30-50
Lot 175: table
Large pine farmhouse table.
Estimate: 250-300
Lot 176: Reclaimed pine blanket box
Reclaimed pine blanket box
Estimate: 40-60
Lot 177: parker knoll
Vintage Parker Knoll country armchair.
Estimate: 40-60
Lot 181: sideboard
Oak sideboard.
Estimate: 90-120
Lot 191: Mahogany finish music cabinet
Mahogany finish music cabinet
Estimate: 20-30
Lot 193: French Desk.
Reproduction French kingwood desk with decorative brass mounts.
Estimate: 80-120
Lot 194: Lockers.
Pair modern 3 drawer bedside lockers.
Estimate: 20-30
Lot 196: cabinet
Modern side cabinet.
Lot 197: Dressing table
2 drawer Dressing table with mirror
Estimate: 60-80
Lot 198: Coffee table
Coffee table with tiled top
Estimate: 40-60
Lot 199: Aeroplane seats
Aeroplane seats.
Estimate: 120-150
Lot 201: Modern table
Modern table with extra leaf.
Estimate: 60-80
Lot 213: sideboard
Reproduction mahogany finish sideboard
Estimate: 40-60
Lot 214B: typewriter
Vintage Smiths Corona typewriter.
Estimate: 10-20
Lot 219: Corner cabinet
Corner cabinet with metal grill doors
Estimate: 50-80
Lot 222: Eastern teak coffee table
Eastern teak coffee table
Estimate: 40-60
Image not Available Lot 235: Modern stool.
Modern stool.
Estimate: 10-20
Lot 237: Pair of armchairs
Pair of armchairs
Estimate: 30-50
Lot 242: Modern 5 drawer chest etc.
Modern 5 drawer chest together with a retro wine table
Estimate: 30-40
Lot 246: wall cabinet.
Wall cabinet with inlaid decoration and spoon rack.
Estimate: 30-40
Lot 250: Jardiniere stand
Bamboo Jardiniere stand
Estimate: 20-30
Lot 252: Regency style table
Regency style table with extra leaf
Estimate: 40-60
Lot 254: Modern coffee table
Modern coffee table
Estimate: 10-20
Lot 255: 5 modern dining chairs.
5 modern dining chairs.
Estimate: 10-20
Lot 261: D end dining table and chairs
Regency design D end dining table and 8 chairs (6+2)
Estimate: 100-150
Lot 262: Lot of furniture items
Lot of furniture items to include mahogany finish bar table, rattan top dressing stool, bedside cabinet and a mirror
Estimate: 20-40
Lot 263: Pair of Queen Anne style chairs
Pair of Queen Anne style chairs with painted finish
Estimate: 50-70
Lot 266: 5 vintage school desks
5 vintage school desks
Estimate: 10-20