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Lot 3: Green Lantern overhead projector.
Green Lantern overhead projector.
Estimate: 20-30
Lot 5: Model Ship
Unused model of a sailing ship, "The Grimsby" English Frigate, original receipt dated 1995 for 120.00
Estimate: 30-50
Lot 9: Vintage suitcase
Vintage suitcase
Estimate: 10-20
Lot 12: typewriter.
Vintage portable typewriter.
Estimate: 15-20
Lot 13: Tinplate sign, prints etc.
Tinplate sign, prints etc.
Estimate: 10-20
Image not Available Lot 15: vintage kitchenalia,
enamel bread bin etc.
Estimate: 20-30
Lot 18: Rodeo figure
Figure of rodeo rider on horseback
Estimate: 20-30
Lot 22: Misc. lot
Misc. lot to include bastable pot etc.
Estimate: 10-20
Lot 24: Retro alarm clock
Retro "Estyma" LED alarm clock, bakelite radio, etc.
Estimate: 10-20
Lot 39: Large shop scales
Large shop scales
Estimate: 40-60
Lot 55: Brazilian box & contents
Brazilian inlaid wooden box & contents of match books and boxes etc.
Estimate: 20-30
Lot 60: Dunhill table lighter
Dunhill modern shagreen table lighter in its original case complete with outher box
Estimate: 200-300
Lot 65: Guinness
Old Guinness barrel stopper / plug.
Estimate: 20-30
Lot 70: Dunhill lighter
Dunhill lighter in its original case complete with outher box
Estimate: 30-50
Lot 98: Guinness.
Four Guinness prints by John Ireland.
Estimate: 130-150
Lot 185: Fire service manuals
Quantity of Fire service instructional manuals
Estimate: 10-20
Lot 301: Old telephone (105)
Old telephone
Estimate: 20-30
Lot 302: 4 vintage beer pulls (157)
Lot of 4 vintage hunting theme ceramic beer pulls
Estimate: 30-60
Lot 303: Carved bone (290)
Piece of intricately carved bone
Estimate: 40-60
Lot 304: 3 papier mache figures (372)
3 papier mache figures on wooden bases 34cm tall
Estimate: 30-50
Lot 305: Figure of Michael Collins (462)
Figure of Michael Collins on marble base made in Ireland by Plastika Ltd. 43cm Tall
Estimate: 60-80
Lot 331: Key box (403)
Vintage wall hanging Key box
Estimate: 20-30