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Lot 77: Royal Dublin Fusiliers
Royal Dublin Fusiliers brass tray.
Estimate: 30-50
Lot 78: Munster Fusiliers
Royal Munster Fusiliers, "Soldiers Died In The Great War 1914-1919.
Estimate: 35-45
Lot 79: Ulster
World War I 36th Ulster Division Badge.
Estimate: 30-50
Lot 80: Dublin Fusiliers
Dublin Fusiliers Badge.
Estimate: 30-50
Lot 81: medal
World War I French Combatants Cross.
Estimate: 30-40
Lot 82: medal
French Medaille Militaire.
Estimate: 30-40
Lot 83: medal
World War I French Victory medal.
Estimate: 30-40
Lot 84: cap
French Officers Kepi.
Estimate: 30-40
Lot 184: 1893 Marlin Arms Co. Repeater rifle
1893 Marlin Arms Co. Newhaven Connecticut USA leaver action repeater rifle (deactivated)
Estimate: 500-600
Lot 188: Swordstick
Estimate: 40-60
Lot 209: Forage Cap etc.
World War II Royal Artillery forage cap, hunting horn, stirrup cups and a chamberstick.
Estimate: 20-30
Lot 249: Militaria
Wooden metal mounted "Rocket Launcher" crate.
Estimate: 60-80